Dana Simchoni – The importance of owning a dog

Dana Simchoni – The importance of owning a dog

Dana Simchoni – Humans and dogs have always had a special connection. In fact, this amazing relationship is far from being new. Throughout history dogs have always been seen beside their owners. Dog owners claim that they are happier people than non owners and there are many reasons to support this claim.

Dana Simchoni tells us how

First, it is a fact now that being more physically active, makes you a joyful person. When exercising, Endorphins are released causing a feeling of achievement thus happiness to arise.  Dog owners exercise daily, as they are required to walk their pets a few times a day.  Therefore, it has been reported that dog owners are generally happier people as they exercise more than non owners of dogs. Dana Simchoni exercises on a daily basis as she runs through the fiends with her two dogs. Dana Simchoni reports that the exercise has made her a happier person.

Secondly, it is known that loneliness causes depression. Many people, especially the elderly tend to be depressed due to loneliness. Dog owners claim that they are happier people as they rarely feel lonely. They say that having man’s best friend around them fills their lives with joy and happiness. Owning a dog can therefore add to the life quality of an elderly person.

In addition, it is claimed that dog owners are more immune to illnesses. The fact that children are raised and have direct contact with a dog is beneficial to their developing immune system. The contact with dogs’ fur from a very young age apparently prevents allergies and strengthens health.

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